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Chapstick Cubby: Lip Balm Holder for Honda Element

Chapstick Cubby: Lip Balm Holder for Honda Element

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Chapstick Cubby: Lip Balm Holder for Honda Element

Introducing our innovative 3D Printed Lip Balm Holder for your Honda Element – the perfect solution to keep your favourite lip balm within reach wherever the road takes you. Crafted for durability, this holder is designed with convenience in mind.

Product Details:
- **Versatile Attachment**: With its smart design, you can attach the holder virtually anywhere inside your Honda Element – from the dashboard to the center console or even on the sun visor.
- **Easy Installation**: No tools required. Simply attach the holder to any flat or semi-curved surface with the included double-sided tape for quick and secure placement.
- **On-the-Go Accessibility**: Keep your lip balm accessible while driving, ensuring hydrated and moisturized lips wherever your Element adventure leads.
- **Sleek Design**: The unobtrusive design complements your vehicle's interior, adding a touch of practicality without compromising aesthetics.
- **DIY-Friendly**: Customize your lip balm holder by choosing from a range of colors to match your Element's interior or your personal style.
- **Compact and Portable**: Easily transferable between different spots in your vehicle or even to other belongings.

Upgrade your Honda Element's interior with our 3D Printed Lip Balm Holder – a small accessory with big convenience for your daily drives.

*Note: This listing is for the lip balm holder only. Lip balm not included.*

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