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Honda Element Parking Brake Dust Cover

Honda Element Parking Brake Dust Cover

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Parking Brake Dust Cover - Keep Dust and Dirt Away from Your Parking Brake

Protect your vehicle's parking brake lever area from dust and dirt with our Parking Brake Cover. This simple yet effective accessory is designed to wrap around the parking brake lever, preventing debris from falling into the mechanism. Keep your parking brake mechanicals in top condition and maintain a clean interior with this must-have addition.

Product Details:
- **Dust and Dirt Protection**: The cover creates a barrier to shield your parking brake from dust, dirt, and debris, helping to extend its lifespan.
- **Elemental Fit**: Designed to fit Honda Element parking brake levers.
- **Durable Material**: Made from high-quality materials TPU(rubber-like) that are built to withstand everyday wear and tear.
- **Easy Installation**: Simply remove the cover over the parking brake lever, and use an adhesive of your choice to secure in place.
- NOTE: the area it adheres to is curved, so you may need to ‘tape it down’. I used Super Glue and did it in sections, which works fine.
- **Streamlined Design**: The cover's sleek and low-profile design complements your vehicle's interior without sacrificing functionality.
- **Maintain Cleanliness**: Prevents debris from collecting around the parking brake area, keeping your vehicle's interior tidy.
- **Ideal for All Seasons**: Whether you're dealing with mud in the rainy season or dust in the summer, this cover is a year-round solution.
- **Easy to Clean**: When needed, remove the cover and wipe it clean to keep it looking and working like new.

Ensure the longevity of your parking brake and enjoy a cleaner, more organized interior with our Parking Brake Cover. Don't let dirt and dust compromise the function and appearance of your vehicle.

*Note: This listing is for the parking brake cover only. The parking brake lever and vehicle are not included.*

Multiple Colours will be available soon! Now THAT is a customization level you wont’ find anywhere else!

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